best boxing glovesWe have taken the care to include only the information that will help you discern quickly which one fits your budget as well as your criteria. We have done this to help you make decision immediately you finish reading our review. Sit down, relax and let’s go through each of these one at a time. In this review, we have come up with 10 of the best boxing gloves. Each of these is reviewed in details and a short recommendation is given at the end of the review.

Boxing gloves are now so many in the market that it may be difficult for the beginner to select the right one for their purposes. Even professionals have to be careful in selecting their gloves since they might be misled at some points in the buying process. Because of this reason, it is very important that both beginners and experienced users read product reviews and get familiar with the best boxing gloves to make an informed decision.

Who Needs The Product?

The items on this list are not meant for only professional boxers or trainers. If you are a beginner in the world of boxing and you are looking to select your first boxing gloves, these products are for you. Moreover, there are boxing gloves on this list that can be used by experienced users too such as the Venum Challenger 2.0, TITLE Boxing Pro Style Leather Training Gloves etc.

Since there are many uses of which you can put this product to, you also have to consider these purposes so that you can make the right choice. If you want to train on your own, you can go for the Venum Challenge 2.0. While selecting your model, you have to choose the appropriate size – this should be less than 14 oz.

Top Ten Boxing Gloves

If your purpose for buying a boxing glove is to improve your boxing skills and techniques, you will find compatible gloves in this list. If you want to use your this for training purposes, where you are guided by a coach, you will be able to select a pair of ideal gloves for this purpose. This list of the top ten products covers all the different uses of gloves such as grappling, striking, Thai boxing, sparring and even heavy bag punching.

The Best boxing gloves Do you want to challenge your counterparts to a game of boxing with the firm conviction that you will get an upper hand? If so, get ready for the Venum Challenger 2.0.

The pair is well made with a quality construction so that it does not wear out as quickly as other gloves. The Venum Challenger 2.0 is not very big in size and coupled with the several holes placed on this glove, it can give you all the comfort you need for giving sharp jabs and staying in the ring longer than your competitor can.

It is structured in a way that it would fit your hands tightly – so that it does not fall off while in use. The Challenger 2.0 is available in seven color variants so that you can easily choose your favorite color.

Some of its features included ♦ Triple Density foam ♦ Large Velcro enclosure ♦ PU Leather Construction

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title boxing pro style leather training glovesIf you want a glove that has won the heart of many boxers and comes with good padding, the Title Boxing Pro Style is your best option. Not only is it ideal for hitting heavy bags, it also makes you feel good when you use it in punching those bags.

One important feature that most customers have praised about this glove is that it is solid and well made for long-term usage. Accordingly, even with constant usage and abuse, they still get going with you.

It is accompanied by comfortable Velcro straps that you can fasten so that it stays snugly around your hand. With the strapping done, you should expect that your hand would always move in unison with the glove so that you don’t feel like you are wearing something on your hand.

Some of its features included ⇔ ♦ Full Grain Lether Shell ♦ Multi-Layer Shock Absorbing Foams ♦ Leather Wrist Strap ♦ Hand Compartment Liner

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fairtex thai style training gloves

Are you looking for those training gloves that will give you the perfect fitting anytime you are ready for training? If yes, then you will definitely want to get the Fairtex Thai.

These are produced from excellent materials with a nice padding for giving you maximum comfort while training. With these, you can expect to get support on your knuckles so that you can just concentrate on the job at hand. Apart from it, if you have a small wrist, we really recommend this product for you, as it would give you the perfect fitting for the best result.

The Fairtex Thai  gives your hands complete support that is essential for a smooth training session.

Some of its features included ⇔ ♦ Available in different color variants as well as different sizes ♦ The Fairtex Thai Style is well made ♦ They provide good support ♦ Manufactured from high quality materials

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everlast pro style training gloves

If you are low on budget and you want cheap training gloves that perform better than its counterparts, it is the right choice.

It is made from quality material coupled with innovative technology for the best boxing experience. One important feature is the sweat technology that comes with this unit. This means that it does not smell, neither does it stink after you have sweat in it.

Another feature that people like in this glove is that it really provides protection for important parts of your hand such as the front part as well as the fingers. It has Velcro straps that make it suitable for Thai boxing.

Some of its features included ⇔ ♦ It is made from Vinyl ♦ It has Thumb-Lock Feature ♦ Wrap Around Velcro Strap ♦ Two Layer Sandwich of Foam ♦ Front and Back has full padding

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hayabusa tokushu gloves review

If you are looking for the best product that are suitable for both beginners and experienced boxers, you have come across the right choice. The Hayabbusa Tokushu Glove is a very nice boxing glove that provides excellent wrist support, comes in a compact size and lightweight for upgrading your boxing experience. It is so light that many people have recommended it for sparring and training.

Although this is professional item, it does not mean that beginners without prior boxing experience cannot use them. The pair has a sturdy construction, nicely secured Velcro straps and a sufficient amount of padding that makes it ideal for both enthusiasts and beginners.

These are durable so that you can use them for a long time and save cost you would have used in replacement.

Some of its features included ⇔ ♦ Dual X Wrist Close and Fusion Zon Wrist Splinting Design ♦ Provides Adequate Injury Protection ♦ Made from Engineered Leather Vylar ♦ Ecta Activated Carbonized Bamboo Lining

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title gel world bag gloves review

If you are looking for high quality boxing gloves made at an affordable price, you have come across the best boxing gloves. The Title Gel World Bag will enable you punch heavy bags with ease and enable you to eliminate or reduce knuckle pain after a day’s hard work. If you want one of the highest rated product at, this is it.

These items have an intuitive design – not flashy or too glaring – that is not boring to the eyes. In addition to the classic design, these are also designed with an effective Gel technology, which enables this unit to stand abuse and stay with you for longer period thereby saving your costs.

Some of its features included ⇔ ♦ It is available in different color variants ♦ Multi Layered Foam Padding  ♦ Gel Enforced Lining ♦ All Leather Outer Part ♦ Wrap Around Adjustable Wrist Strap

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title gel Intense bag reviews

The Title Gel Intense Bag/Sparring  are designed with an intuitive look so that you can get wows from your friends and family. With excellent customer support from the manufacturer, you will have an enjoyable use of these pair.

The pair provides excellent wrist support for stable and consistent result whether you are using them for sparring or personal training. The Gel lining on the unit also provides the protection that is needed for eliminating any form of knuckle pains that might result from using boxing gloves. Not only is these pair good for sparring, you can also make use of it for bag work. For paying a little more for these, you would be getting high quality boxing gloves for smooth fighting or sparring experience.

Some of its features included ⇔ ♦ Available in different Color Variants ♦ Gel Enforced Lining ♦ Multi Layered Foam Padding ♦ Gel Infused Tri Stacked Cuff ♦ 360 degree Wrap Around Wrist Strap ♦ Removable Elastic Cuff Sleeves ♦ Moisture Wicking Hand Compartment ♦ Made from Grain Leather

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venum elite boxing gloves reviews

The Venum Elite Boxing Glove is one of the highest rated boxing gloves on The quality of these pair is the determining factor for this sort of rating. They provide excellent padding and support, convenient usage and effective Velcro wrist strap. The finishing on the Venum Elite Boxing Glove is excellent – thus constant usage and abuse will not debar the quality of the pair.

These pair will feel great on your hand especially if you have a medium hand. The Velcro straps allow for a snappy wear and quick take off from the hands. In addition, the unit is securely shaped in the form of a natural fist, which makes it easier for you to concentrate while training. Not only can it be used for sparring, but also for bag punching, which therefore raises its versatility.

Some of its features included ⇔ ♦ Tripple Density foam ♦ Strengthened Seams ♦ Reinforced Palm ♦ Available in Seven Color Variants ♦ 100% Skintex Leather

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everlast advanced mma gloves

The Everlast Train Advanced MMA Training Gloves are comfortable and affordable. These affordable pair of gloves is ideal for sparring because they provide lots of soft padding that prevents you from injuring your sparring partner during your training sessions. They can also be used for grappling and striking with without the likely occurrence of accidents such as hitting hard on your partner.

The Everlast Train Advanced MMA Training Gloves has a great stitching and is available in different compatible sizes that will fit people with large hands as well as those with smaller hands.

The wrist wraps on this unit are adjustable to fit your hand securely and they provide enough support for your hand. Because of this, you should not worry about injury of your knuckles.

Some of its features included ⇔ ♦ 100% Polyurethane ♦ Anatomical Thumb Padding ♦ Closed Cell Durafoam ♦ 18 inches Hook and Loop Wrist Strap ♦ Reinforced Finger Loops

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best boxing gloves

The Everlast Youth Boxing Glove is a synthetic leather premium glove that provides excellent support for the hands especially the knuckles during training or competition. It is built with effective wrist wraps that allow it to fit tightly around your hands so that you can enjoy maximum comfort every time you make use of it.

These pair is suitable for punching heavy bags and is relatively inexpensive. Not only does it come with the right weight, it packs a bunch of quality into its built. They offer plenty of protections so that you can easily punch hard on punch bags without being afraid of getting pains in your hands. In addition, they are affordable product for your home workouts.

Some of its features included ⇔ ♦ WristWrap Training Gloves ♦ Ideal for All Boxing Workouts ♦ Adjustable Straps ♦ Premium Synthetic Leather ♦ Innovative and Solid Materials

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Types of Boxing Gloves

These are divided in four categories. Each item that falls in any category is used for a particular purpose that is common to other items in that category. In order for you to enjoy the best experience from your glove, you have to know which category it falls into so that you will immediately be able to decide if it is suitable for your own purpose.

Below are the four categories:

◊ Training Boxing

Training gloves are normally referred to as the general-purpose gloves because of their versatility. They are specifically crafted for usage in different training purposes. They can be used for sparring where you train with a partner to improve your boxing skills and techniques. They can also be used for in hitting training aids like heavy bags etc. Training gloves are usually designed to be heavier and thicker than the rest of the other types. Another important feature of training gloves is that they are designed with more features than bag gloves and competition gloves because of their all-purpose usage.

In addition, some people also recommend training gloves for beginners since they can be used by the beginner to do all kinds of training. Most of the time, a beginner would snap from one workout to another one during training because of their non-expertise. These kinds of gloves make it easy for such.

◊ Bag Boxing

Although bag gloves have lots of weight and thickness, this cannot be compared to those you can find in training gloves. Majority of bags are designed to be used for a particular purpose unlike training gloves. It provides adequate protection to provide your knuckles from sustaining pain during your workout sessions. This is especially useful if you are going to be hitting heavy bags and other training aids.

When you put on the bag gloves, you are expected to hit hard on the bags you are hitting whether heavy or not. This is because they are designed to protect your hands and not the bags you are hitting. Another important feature of bag gloves is that they provide protection for your wrist in addition to your knuckles. This means that you can work with them for a whole day without being completely worn out.

One thing you should also be aware of is that bag gloves are divided into two groups: classic and modern bag gloves. The classic bag gloves usually come with lesser features and they are not as popular as the modern bag gloves.It offers more support and padding coupled with lots of excellent features. Therefore, when you decide to buy a bag glove, try to get it to enjoy more features.

◊ Sparring Boxing

Sparring gloves usually come with adequate padding and support for your training purposes. This helps you to stand long workout sessions without tiring out early. However, they are cannot be compared to training gloves because they are designed with lesser weight and lighter materials than training gloves. Since they are not meant for use in competitions or extreme training, they are usually designed with moderate weight and lots of padding for extra support. The extra padding that comes with these gloves provides excellent support for you and your training partner so that you can enjoy seamless training session. The industry standards for usage are to make use of the sparring gloves for practicing rather than going on a competition with them.

Most of the gloves that fall in this category come in smaller compared to the competition gloves below and they usually have even distribution of weight so that they are light on the hand and easy for quick lifting and jabbing. This is why many users make use of sparring gloves, as they are light and offers easy carriage during training sessions.

◊ Competition Boxing

Competition gloves are only used for competing with opponents. They are not provided with lots of padding – this is why many boxers are wounded after repeatedly being punched on the face. Thus, many people strongly object to the usage of competition gloves by beginners because of the inadequacy of padding and support. Before a beginner can be able to use this, he or she has to have developed sufficient skills and techniques.

Best Boxing Gloves Brands

♦ Venum Boxing



Hayabusa Tokushu


♦ WINDY Boxing

♦ Boon Boxing

♦ Winning Boxing


Summary Of Top Rated Boxing Gloves

Our top rated boxing gloves include the TITLE Gel World Bag , TITLE Boxing Pro Style Leather Training , and the Venum Elite Boxing Gloves.

As at the time of this writing, TITLE Gel World Bag Gloves has a good rating on It is not surprising as it is one of the best boxing gloves on the market right now. It combines almost all the features you can get from any unit. It is affordable and comes with Gel Enforced Lining for adequate support and comfort.

The next top rated boxing glove is the TITLE Boxing Pro Style Leather Training Gloves, which is good rated. This unit provides adequate padding, is ideal for hitting heavy bags and a solid construction has helped it to win the heart of many reviews and previous users.

It combines high quality materials with lots of support for the user. Venum, the manufacturer also provides adequate customer supports to provide answers to any question.

Factors to Consider Before Buying The Best Boxing Gloves?

⇔ Design

♦ The very first thing you should consider before buying boxing glove for any purpose is the features and design, e.g. for punching heavy bags, you have to look for durability in the gloves you want to buy.

♦ Modern boxing gloves are now designed with secure Velcro straps and leather fabric for durability. If you are being trained alone and you don’t have a coach, the best option for you would be gloves that are built with Velcro. Although in most cases, the gloves are more expensive than laced up gloves. This is because they are more solidly built and made of higher quality materials.

⇔ Color

♦ Another important factor you should look for before you purchase boxing glove is the color. While there are so many brands now incorporating different colors into their gloves, there are still widespread amount of those that are designed with very little color options.

♦ Majority of the time, you just have a favorite color in mind that you would like to see in a pair of gloves. Since there are now a range of items that are available in different color variants, it should not be difficult for you to get that which will match with your desired color choice.

⇔ Durability

If you want the best gloves that will be durable and save your cost for the period of you’re using it, you should look at items that have the following features:

♦ Breathable Mesh Technology will enable ventilation – through holes on the unit – for easy usage.

♦ Velcro Strap Design provides the capability of putting on and taking off the unit especially if you are training alone.

♦ 100% Leather backed stitching

♦ Reinforced padding will cause the products to fit snugly around your hands so that you don’t get pains in your knuckles after training.

♦ Suspension Cushioning

⇔ Sizing Considerations

♦ These are designed in different sizes in accordance with the kind of use they want to be used. These sizes are measured in ounces or simply oz. The prevalent sizes range from 8, 12, 14, and 16 ounces. However, one important caveat is that these sizes do not correspond to the weight of the gloves.

♦ The major reason why they come in different sizes is so that you can use them for a specific purpose. This is why it is recommended that beginners should use smaller ones. While the bigger ones are used by more experienced users since, they provide adequate padding and support.

⇔ Budget

If you like a particular pair of boxing glove but don’t have enough money to purchase them, what would happen? Of course, you would not be able to buy them. This is why it is important that you consider your budget and set your criteria for buying a glove. If you have less than a hundred dollars  you might want to go for laced-up gloves since those that fall in that category normally for less than a hundred dollars. However, if your budget is higher, you can look at professional and high quality products. This is the most important deciding factor in your buying process.

⇔ How important is the Weight of the Boxing Glove?

It is easy to answer this question, even if you are not an experienced boxer. The purpose of buying the glove will determine the weight that you will consider. For instance, if you intend to use your boxing gloves for sparring, you would a bigger sized one like 16 oz since you would need strong padding for protection. Unlike in a competition, you are not looking to hit or fall your partner, you work together to develop skill and technique. However, if you just want to train on your own or want to go on a competition, you might want to choose a lighter glove.

Essential Boxing Equipment

Hand Wraps ◊ Punching Bags ◊ Hear Gears ◊ Punch Bag Stands ◊ Boxing Shoes ◊ Heavy Bags ◊ Mouth Guards ◊ Skipping Ropes

Final Verdict

Always remember that certain factors must be considered before buying boxing gloves. Without putting these into consideration, you might not make the right choice. The first thing you have to consider when buying product is your budget. While some people can afford above hundred dollars gloves, others might not. Your budget will shape your buying decision and ultimately, these kinds of boxing gloves you settle on. Then next thing you need to consider is the design and features of your potential gloves. After you have settled on that, you can now look at the weight as well as the size of the item before going on to buy it.